Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tryin' to Stay Outta Trouble

Not the best pic, but isn't it cute!?!?


That's a heart-topped straight pin at the top there.
I followed the pattern found HERE.
Easy-peasy & very quick!

And what about this.....
Newborn Hat

How sweet is that? I followed the patter I found HERE.
Another easy-peasy, quickie to work up!

And one more for good measure....
I have a friend at church & her husband recently had to have his leg amputated thanks to diabetes & I really wanted to do something to bless him so I knit him this stump cover.

Amputee's Stump Cover

The lighting has the color off a bit, but it's navy blue. I made it using Caron Simply Soft yarn because it's, well, simply soft.
I used the pattern that Suzetta has HERE.

So these are some of the things keeping me out of trouble lately.
I hope y'all are stayin' out of trouble too...hehehe.
Be blessed my friends.
I love yas!